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Welcome to centralANTIVIRUS

+ Anti-virus protection
+ Secure web browsing (Web Control)
+ Firewall
Protect yourself from the most advanced threats with a cost-effective, easy deployment, and simplified security management.
Anti-virus protection
On-access scanner
Access protection
Script scan
On-demand scan
Exploit prevention
One-click scanning
Stateful firewall
Adaptive mode
DNS blocking
Web control
Web safety assessment
Web content categories
Browser plug-in
it helps you to take control of the threat defense lifecycle with technologies that communicate and learn from each other in real time.
Our scalable platform was designed with the future in mind so that you are able to centralize even more of your ongoing endpoint solutions management as your business grows.
Faster threat updates and scanning, a maximized CPU performance and a more effective threat identification.
A centralized business security management platform based on the cloud model
centralANTIVIRUS NG is an open security management platform for networks, systems, data, and compliance requirements.

A scalable platform, that is integrated into, and takes advantage of your existing IT infrastructure.
23/03/2020 New McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7 release
02/08/2019 CentralANTIVIRUS maintenance tasks
Ransomware detected in the last 3 months
Cryptolocker v.3-17 1400
Cerber 160
Locky v.II 84
Odin v.I 74
CryptoWall 1 3
Zepto 3
SAGE.ransom v.I 2
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