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Take a look at the latest updates and improvements in centralANTIVIRUS service. Here you can check the update history including the new features added from its beginning.
15/01/2019 New features in McAfee Agent 5.6.0
This release introduces new features or improves existing features:

• McAfee Agent with integrated McAfee® Data Exchange Layer (DXL) — McAfee Agent 5.6.0 bundles the McAfee Data Exchange Layer client 5.0 as a component. The Data Exchange Layer client is automatically installed on managed systems and connects to a DXL broker in your environment. DXL services run as part of McAfee Agent services.

• This release extends support to additional platforms, environments, or operating systems:

- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 15
- CentOS 7.6
- SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLES) 15
- Ubuntu 18.10
- openSUSE Leap 15
- Mac 10.14.1
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6

• Code consolidation and merging of management client components — McAfee Agent 5.5.2 or later replaces the Product Improvement Program (PIP) with a new, more efficient, and more secure product telemetry framework. To simplify the management experience, the new framework is integrated with McAfee Agent management extension and client. This integration eliminates the need for a separate PIP extension. McAfee Agent 5.6.0 or later installer removes any previously installed PIP extension and PIP client.

• Update to crypto library — McAfee Agent 5.6.0 now uses the OpenSSL crypto library.

• Incompatibility check — McAfee Agent 5.6.0 checks for incompatibilities with McAfee products before it is deployed on the client system using a McAfee ePO deployment task. McAfee Agent 5.6.0 can block the deployment of incompatible McAfee products on the client system based on the incompatibility specification list.

The following queries are available on the Product Deployment Incompatibility report:

- Product Deployment Incompatibility Summary within 24 hours
- Product Deployment Incompatibility Summary within 7 days

• Backward compatibility service on Windows — When McAfee Agent is installed, the macompatsvc service does not start until the McAfee products integrated with agent, using legacy method are installed on the client system.
10/01/2019 McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.5 release.
This release adds enhancements and fixes problems that were reported in the previous version.

Windows New Features

Installation and upgrade

• Support for case sensitivity — On systems running the Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update, verify that the case-sensitivity attribute is disabled for folders where you want to install the product software. You can check and change this attribute setting in Windows. Once installed, Endpoint Security protects its product folders against enabling case sensitivity, to ensure that this attribute setting won't prevent future product updates and upgrades.
• McAfee® MVISION Endpoint uninstall — The Endpoint Security installer uninstalls McAfee MVISION Endpoint if it's present on the client system before continuing with the installation.
• Support for Microsoft Windows anti-malware service protection — Endpoint Security services now start as a Windows-protected service.
Microsoft product support
• Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update
• Microsoft Windows Server 2019

McAfee® Endpoint Security Common

Client interface lockout behavior — Adds the ability to enforce an Endpoint Security Client lockout if the number of failed password attempts exceeds the configured limit. Use the Enable client interface lockout setting in the Common Options policy in McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) to configure lockout behavior.

MacOS New Features

• Supports the macOS Mojave 10.14 operating system.
• Optimized to run on Macs with 64-bit processors.
• Packaged with the latest McAfee Engine 6000.
07/05/2018 McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.4 upgrade
The current release of the product includes these enhancements and changes:

• Microsoft Windows 10 Spring Creators Update support
• Endpoint Upgrade Assistant 2.0 support
• Threat Prevention enhancements
   - Access Protection rules
   - Network IPS exclusions
   - On-Access Scan process settings
• Firewall enhancements
• Adaptive Threat Protection enhancements
• McAfee product support
• Enhancement and troubleshooting

Updated components:
• SysCore
• AMCore
   - AMCore Content 3195 or greater (required)
• McAfee Agent 5.5.0
• McAfee Anti-Malware Engine 5900
04/05/2018 McAfee Agent 5.5.0 upgrade
The current release of the product includes issues resolution and support for Microsoft Windows 10 Spring Creators Update .
17/11/2017 Endpoint Security 10.5.3 and McAfee Agent 5.0.6 Update
The current release of the product includes these enhancements and changes:

• Support for Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.
• Exploit Prevention enhancements.

Mcafee Endpoint Security 10.5.3 enhancements:
• Installation, upgrade, and migration enhancements
- VSCore 15.7 with InstallAll
- Endpoint Security Package Designer update
- Migration Assistant update
- Support for Endpoint Upgrade Assistant 1.5 • Common enhancements
- Adds the option to select a language for activity logging.
- Adds the ability to set the size of an event database from 50–999 MB. The default is 50 MB.
- Adds the ability to include the certificate of a third-party application as a trusted process through McAfee ePO.

• Threat Prevention — Exploit Prevention enhancements
- Expert Rules
- Network IPS
- New protection signatures

• Threat Prevention — On-Access Scan enhancements
- On-access scan update
- Scan email attachments update

• Adaptive Threat Protection enhancements
- Real Protect sensitivity

• Updated components
- VSCore
- SysCore
- AMCore (AMCore Content 3125 or greater is required.)
- McAfee Agent 5.0.6
- McAfee Anti-Malware Engine 5900

Mcafee Agent 5.0.6 enhancements:
Resolution of different issues related to security, installation, product manageability, scheduler, updater and other fixes.
16/10/2017 McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.2 upgrade

Common enhancements

Installation improvements: adds a secondary validation check when a validation failure occurs through the Validation and Trust Protection service. The secondary check succeeds if the calling process is signed by McAfee, and all loaded modules are chained to a trusted certificate authority. This allows Endpoint Security processes to operate normally in the presence of legitimate third-party software applications that inject processes, and digitally sign the software.

Log file updates: changes the activity, error, and debug log files for all Endpoint Security modules so they are now written in English only, regardless of system locale. This behavior is not configurable.

Endpoint Security Profiler Tool support
The Endpoint Security Profiler Tool works with this release of Endpoint Security.

• Analyzes on-access scanner activity

• Gathers statistics on processes and files accessed by the on-access scanner

• Uses the Default, Low, and High scanning profiles to present data based on different configurations

• Analyzes activity from Threat Prevention and Adaptive Threat Protection modules

Using the collected data, decide if you want to exclude a file, exclude a folder, or change how scanning is applied to a process' activity by placing it into a different scan profile.

Threat Prevention enhancements
• Adds the option for disabling Endpoint Security scanners to the Quick Settings menu, accessed from the McAfee system tray icon.

• Adds support for Early Load Anti-Malware (Windows 8 and later). This feature collects the list of device drivers loaded during the system boot process, then scans them when the scanning services run.

Firewall enhancements
• The Endpoint Security Firewall: Events from McAfee GTI query is now called Endpoint Security Firewall: Events from McAfee GTI in the last 6 months. Previously, this query had no date limit; now it only queries results from the last 6 months.
07/06/2017 Important information about internal tasks
Automatic tasks the have been checked to improve the first installation process.

From now on, the following modules will be installed automaticaly:
• Servers: Endpoint Security Threat Prevention
• Workstations: Endpoint Security Threat Prevention and Endpoint Security Web Control.

Firewall module installation is still optional.

Aditionally, weekly análisis on-demand has been deactivated by default, having the possibility of activating it in a desired Schedule.
19/05/2017 DXL 3.1.0 Update
This update includes bug fixes and compatibility improvements
14/05/2017 Actions taken against WannaCry Ransomware
• Anti ransomware policies updated:
Anti-ransomware policies updated, including all known variants of WannaCry. The updated policies are these ones:
   - centralANTIVIRUS Anti-ransomware Rev.J Standard
   - centralANTIVIRUS Anti-ransomware Rev.J Agressive

• extraDAT deployment:
- There has been released an automatic deployment of a McAfee extraDAT that includes all the definitions against this ransomware.
21/04/2017 McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.1 upgrade
This release adds the following enhancements:

• Exploit Prevention support for Microsoft Edge
• New page under Reporting called Exploit Prevention Events, where you
  can aggregate events and create exclusions.
• Scan email attachments - Disabled by default.

Support for third-party products:
• Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update
• XenDesktop 7.0, 7.11, 7.13
• Firefox 51 (Web Control only)
• EMC Common AntiVirus Agent (CAVA)
07/04/2017 Agent v5.0.5 update
This update includes compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update, performance improvements and bug fixes.
03/03/2017 "centralANTIVIRUS Anti-ransomware Rev.J Agressive" policy update.
Policy update including the latest variants of Cryptolocker recibed as an email invoice and Sage ransomware.

This update is already effective, so it is now working in all the systems using it (standard policy is not affected).
23/01/2017 Hotfix release for McAfee Agent 5.0.4
This version of the product includes improvements, bug fixes and compatibility with MacOS Sierra 10.12.2
23/01/2017 Hotfix release for McAfee Agent 5.0.4
This version of the product includes improvements, bug fixes and compatibility with MacOS Sierra 10.12.2
16/01/2017 McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.0 upgrade
The current release of the product includes these new features.:

Web Control enhancements
Support for 64-bit Firefox.

Firewall enhancements
Ability to determine if a domain is reachable using the HTTPS protocol.

Threat Prevention enhancements
Ability to configure a Windows registry scan location for on-demand scans.
Ability to create a custom Access Protection rule to protect Windows services.
Management of Exploit Prevention signatures and Application Protection rules.
Ability to display false-positive mitigation events using the Endpoint Security Threat Prevention: False Positive Mitigation Events query.
09/01/2017 Update release for McAfee Endpoint Security for Mac 10.2.1
This update adds support for MacOS Sierra 10.12 operating system.
10/11/2016 Anti-ransomware policy update
Anti-ransomware policy update, including the latest variants of Thor and Odin.
02/11/2016 IMPORTANTE: Cambio en el acceso a la consola de gestión.
Con el objetivo de mejorar la privacidad en el uso de centralANTIVIRUS.com, se va a realizar un cambio importante el próximo día 21 de Noviembre. El cambio afecta a la forma en la que se realiza el acceso a la consola de gestión de la plataforma. A partir del día 21 de Noviembre no se utilizará una dirección de correo electrónico para el acceso a la consola. En su lugar será necesario indicar un código numérico que coincidirá con su identificador de usuario de centralANTIVIRUS.com.

Para conocer su identificador de usuario acceda a la consola de gestión de centralANTIVIRUS.com y compruebe el nombre de su grupo. El código numérico que precede al nombre de su empresa es su identificador de usuario en centralANTIVIRUS.com. La contraseña de acceso no sufrirá ningún cambio.
25/10/2016 Windows Server 2016 support
CentralANTIVIRUS service now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Please, check the System and hardware requirements document to get more information about the compatibility with the new Microsoft operating system.
19/09/2016 Deployment of Data Exchange Layer (DXL))
This new technology improves the use of the console and prepares the platform for comming funcionalities (reputation system for files and certificates).
12/09/2016 Endpoint Security 10.2.0 update
This version of the product includes improvements in: firewall, Web control, exploit prevention, Mac support and bug fixes.
07/09/2016 Improvements and update of the Anti-Ransomware policy
This update includes new ransomware detection rules as well as the possibility of applying stronger rules. Documentation update is included.
05/09/2016 Agent 5.0.4 update
This version of the product includes improvements, bug fixes and compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
07/07/2016 Endpoint Security 10.1.1 update
01/07/2016 Inclusion of Endpoint Security for Mac systems.
29/06/2016 Agent update
11/05/2016 centralANTIVIRUS NG launch!
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